About Us


We’re glad you came to visit! Presenting with a Business Purpose came about after a conversation I had one day with a business owner. They were complaining about how employees were struggling to present what they wanted and needed at the company.

I have had similar experiences. There weren’t a lot of places you could have employees go to get the basics. Fortunately, an opportunity arose in 2021, to again become head President of a Toastmasters group. Since then, we have renamed the group from Pasadena Community Toastmasters to Presenting with a Business Purpose.

While we follow the Toastmasters Pathways program, we ask members to use topics from work in their prepared talks and speeches.

Daily Results

Please work on your Pathways, for at least five minutes a day. You’ll advance quickly that way!


Not Shy Now?

We’ve found that speaking often with the same group works to accelerate your presentation skills building.

Getting over the shyness in public speaking comes quickly with practice.

Many of the senior members in the group keep coming, as they view it as an athlete would – a workout to stay in shape.